Unclaimed Property: Why Your Company Can't Afford NOT To Be In Compliance

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About This Course:
Every state has an unclaimed property law to which compliance is mandatory. However, there are still many organizations subject to these laws who are unfamiliar with what is required and the consequences of being noncompliant.

States have recently become more focused on locating noncomplying entities with the intent of bringing them into compliance though either cooperative outreach programs or, increasingly, through rigorous audits. Therefore, it is imperative that all entities proactively ensure that they are in full compliance with the states' unclaimed property laws.

This live webinar will provide practical information on what is unclaimed property, who must comply, the consequences of noncompliance and suggested proactive measures to achieve full compliance. Also included will be updates on recent legislation and court cases impacting unclaimed property requirements.


What Is Unclaimed Property?

Who Must Comply With the States' Unclaimed Property Laws?/b>
  • Rules of Jurisdiction
  • Overview of State Law Requirements
Why Should You Be Concerned About Compliance?
  • Increasing State Compliance Efforts
  • Industry Focused Audits
  • Penalties for Noncompliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Ramifications
How Do You Become Compliant?
  • Voluntary Compliance Initiatives
  • Ongoing Compliance Best Practices
Unclaimed Property: Why Your Company Can't Afford NOT To Be In Compliance
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