Tips on Reducing Mistakes in Excel® Spreadsheets

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About This Course:
Many Excel® users set up their own worksheets and, although they might be frequent users of this powerful software, overlook more efficient ways of using validation controls to insure the accuracy of their data collection efforts.

If they are getting their data from other sources, they might not always like the way the incoming data is structured and formatted and they need quick ways to get that data into the shape most useful to them.

This webinar helps Excel® users in two major ways: 1) reduce the potential mistakes created during data creation by establishing validation controls that can limit the scope of data, provide pick lists with drop arrows, and insure that certain fields contain unique entries; 2) use various Excel® commands and techniques to re-structure data, reformat data displays, and rectify incorrect data.

This webinar will utilize GoToWebinar®, an internet active tool which allows the speaker to walk through examples in real time. This will be the best way to follow along with the program and a link will be provided for you prior to the program date.


Using Excel® Commands to Control Data Input
  • Require That Numerical Data Entered Falls Within Specified Limits
  • Provide Pick Lists to Accelerate Data Entry Chores and Ensure Accuracy
  • Guarantee That All Entries Within a List Are Unique
  • Manage Leading Zeroes in Zip, Numerical and Text Codes
Adjusting Data Layout
  • Move and Insert Rows and Columns of Data With a Simple Drag
  • Quickly Convert Row-Column Layouts Into Column-Row Layouts
  • Split Improperly Grouped Data (Like City, State, Zip in the Same Column) Into Separate Columns
  • Convert Data With Trailing Minuses to Negative Entries
  • Combine Data From Different Columns via Concatenation
Changing Data Content
  • Use Text Functions to Extract Data From Long Entries
  • Get Rid of Problematic Extra Spaces That Prevent Efficient Data-Matching
  • Adjust All Uppercase Text so That Just First Characters Are Capitalized
About The Presenter

Dennis Taylor
  • Writer and presenter of more than 50 different video training DVDs, CDs and tapes on various Excel® versions since 1995
  • Writer and presenter of more than 200 web seminars on a variety of Excel® topics
  • Presenter of more than 200 public seminars on Excel® throughout the United States
  • Taught more than 3,000 hands-on classes with more than 20,000 attendees
  • More than 20 years of experience providing desktop software training and consulting for Fortune 500 companies, universities and government agencies
  • Wrote, Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel® 2000, and writer and co-writer of five other books on spreadsheet software
Tips on Reducing Mistakes in Excel® Spreadsheets
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