Time And Effort Certifications Under The Uniform Grant Guidance Update

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About This Course:
Over the past four decades, time and effort reporting under federal grants has been the Achilles Heel of grant managers and project directors.

Single auditors and federal auditors have had a field day on this issue, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been recouped by the 28 federal agencies issuing the grants. OMB finally recognized that part of the problem was the wording of the OMB Circulars, and now the Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) reflects a dramatic departure of prior law.

This webinar will profile all the changes in the federal guidance, and will emphasize the continuing concerns related to administrative and clerical personnel being reflected through an indirect cost approach.

  • Why Is Time and Effort the Most Frequently Litigated Matter Related to Federal Grants
  • Why Did OMG and COFAR Opt to Change the Rules on Time and Effort After 40 Years?
  • What Were the Major Issues Under the Prior OMB Rules, Including After the Fact Distribution of Effort, Aligning Funding Source to Effort, and Basing Salary Payments on Budgeted Amounts
  • What Are the New Time and Effort Rules Under the UGG?
  • Which Salaries Must Be Treated as Indirect Costs?
  • May Cost Allocation Plans and Substitute Systems Be Used?
  • Who Must Approve the Substitute Systems?
  • Why Are so Few Non-Federal Entities Taking Advantage of the New Flexibility?
About The Presenter

Michael Brustein
  • Founding partner of Brustein & Manasevit in Washington D.C., since 1980 this firm has represented grantees in all 50 states on matters related to federal grants management
  • Has saved state, local, postsecondary and nonprofit organizations in excess of $500 million in liabilities related to time and effort audits
  • Considered the nation’s leading expert on this topic, and has conducted presentations throughout the country
  • Has been the architect of many of the substitute systems that the federal government has approved
  • Prior to entering private practice, he was a federal attorney for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Time And Effort Certifications Under The Uniform Grant Guidance Update
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