The Development Plan: Why You Need One And How To Create One That Works

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About This Course:
Is your organization stuck in the special event mode? Does your board refuse to accept their fundraising responsibility? Does the rest of your organization's staff wonder what the development office actually does all day? Is your organization dependent on grants as its sole source of funding? Have you wondered why your development plans do not get implemented?

If so, this webinar is for you. Discuss the reasons a development plan can help assure success in your fundraising efforts; how to involve your organization's leadership, both staff and volunteers, in the process; how to assure that the plan will be implemented; and how to evaluate success. This course will teach you how to develop a plan that works.


Why a Development Plan
  • What Happens When There Is No Plan?
  • How the Plan Fits in With the Organization's Strategic Plan
  • How Often Does the Plan Need to Be Updated?
Who Should Be Involved in the Planning Process?
  • The Role of Development Staff
  • Involving Non-Development Staff
  • The Role of the Board and the Development Committee
Implementing the Plan
  • Establishing and Monitoring Goals and Objectives
  • Assigning Responsibility, Timelines, and Budgets
  • Evaluating Progress
About The Presenter

Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE
  • President of Linda Lysakowski, LLC
  • A senior herself, and caregiver to a senior, is one of just over 100 professionals worldwide to hold the Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive designation
  • Wrote, Recruiting and Training Fundraising Volunteers; The Development Plan; Fundraising as a Career: What, Are You Crazy?; Capital Campaigns: Everything You NEED to Know; Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?; wrote, workbook, Raise More Money from Your Business Community; Raise More Money from Your Business Community: The Workbook, Fundraising for the GENIUS, 1st and 2nd editions; contributing author to The Fundraising Feasibility Study - It’s Not About the Money and YOU and Your Nonprofit Board; co-editor of YOU and Your Nonprofit and The Nonprofit Consulting Handbook; and co-wrote The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Handbook , The New Donor, Nonprofit Strategic Planning, and The Leaky Bucket: What’s Wrong With Your Fundraising ... And How You Can Fix It
The Development Plan: Why You Need One And How To Create One That Works
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