Telephone Collection Call Scripts And How To Respond To Excuses

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About This Course:
As someone who has made thousands upon thousands of debt collection calls as a credit manager and first-party collector and as an agency owner and third-party collector, Michelle Dunn wants to share what she knows about making these calls so that you can improve on your calls.

You will learn what common excuses people give and what you can say to them in order to keep the call moving in the right direction and not going off track. You will learn how to notice a red flag with an account that you are calling and be able to avoid disaster by taking specific steps based on your knowledge of what is happening with that particular account.

This webinar will help anyone who owns a business and needs to call customers that are past due. It will help accounts receivable clerks who make calls to delinquent accounts; it will help credit managers who make collection calls or your account is on credit hold calls and will also help collectors who work for a third-party collection agency.

  • Making Collection Calls
  • Before You Make a Collection Call
  • Your Pre-Call Plan
  • Opening Remarks
  • The Meat of the Call
  • Closing the Call
  • Following Up
  • Common Excuses
  • Collection Call Scripts and How to Respond to Excuses
  • What to Avoid
About The Presenter

Michelle Dunn
  • Founder of the Credit & Collections Association, LLC
  • Called the nation's authority on collecting money
  • 24 year debt collection industry veteran, entrepreneur, published columnist and award-winning writer
  • One of the top 5 women in collections for 2007 and 2008
  • One of the top 50 most influential collection professionals of 2007
  • Writer of many books and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal
Telephone Collection Call Scripts And How To Respond To Excuses
Available on CD format
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