Sales Quote Automation: Benefits And Pitfalls

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About This Course:
In today's fast-paced market, the ability to present a professional looking quote to a client quicker than the competition could mean the difference between winning and losing the sale.

Is it taking your sales team too much time to create a quote? If two sales people present a quote from your company to the same client, would the client think they were working with two different companies? Are you interested in automating your sales process? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will not want to miss this live webinar!

This presentation is critical for any sales manager or executive that is looking to increase the effectiveness of their sales team and operations.

  • Why Use a Quoting Solution
    • Word®, Excel®, CRM or Accounting Software to Create Quotes
    • Speed, Standardization and Reporting
  • Integrating With Existing Infrastructure
    • CRM
    • Accounting and ERP
    • Websites
    • Vendors and Distributors
    • On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud
  • Delivering the Quote
    • In Person, Fax, Email, Online
  • Closing the Sale
    • Creating Interactive Quotes – Give Options: Good, Better, Best
    • Electronic Signatures
    • Capturing Payment
  • Common Concerns
    • IT Requirements
    • Maintenance
    • Costs
    • Implementation Time

Brian A. Laufer
  • Vice president at Aspire Technologies, Inc. in Orlando, Florida
  • 13+ years of experience working with sales professionals and executives in all industries from one person organizations to Fortune 100 companies
  • Brings a unique perspective from his experience on sales teams to providing sales training to actually developing solutions to solve quoting and proposal needs
  • Experience working with over 20 CRM and accounting solutions from usage to writing integrations
  • Frequent speaker, trainer, and recognized quoting and CRM expert
  • Industry Awards: CRN Channel Chief, 2014, SMB 150 Winner, 2013, MSPmentor 250 List, 2013, MSPmentor 250 List, 2011 and MSPmentor 250 List, 2010
Sales Quote Automation: Benefits And Pitfalls
Available on CD format
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