Sales and Use Tax Determination Headaches

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About This Course:
Sales and use tax professionals are faced with the legal and practical challenges of learning as many as 50 different state sales and use tax laws and regulations. No one could possibly learn all of the different state requirements and yet our jobs demand it.

The purpose of this webinar is to reveal the secrets to working in a multistate environment. You will learn about the four different types of taxing states which greatly reduces the complexity of a 50-state environment. Five states don't even have sales and use taxes.

You will master the principles of nexus and reduce your exposure to audit from other states. Since audits in this area are inevitable, audit techniques for negotiating with auditors and how to reduce the amount they assert your organization owes will be addressed.


The Three Characteristics of Taxes
  • Shifting
  • Absorption
  • Separation
The Four Types of Taxing States
  • Seller Privilege States
  • Consumer Levy States
  • Transaction Tax States
  • Gross Receipts States
  • How to Determine If Your Organization Has Nexus in Another State
  • How to Measure Your Organization's Exposure
  • Nexus Amnesty
Audit Techniques
  • How to Negotiate With Auditors
  • Techniques to Reduce the Amount You Owe
About The Presenter

John R. Morrow
  • Accountant with JR Morrow Consulting, LLC
  • Focuses on payroll taxes, sales and use taxes, and financial statement analysis
  • 22 years of experience in taxation
  • Previously with the Internal Revenue Service, and as manager of taxation in the private sector responsible for corporate income, payroll, and sales and use taxes
  • Eight years as a corporate trainer for several national business seminar organizations
  • Conducted almost 1,000 seminars in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, focusing on sales and use tax, payroll management, finance and accounting, and business communications
  • M.A. degree, University of Missouri-Kansas City; M.L.A. degree, Baker University; B.A. degree, University of Kansas
Sales and Use Tax Determination Headaches
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