Reading and Understanding Cash Flow Analysis

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About This Course:
A balance sheet is often described as a "snapshot" of your financial situation at a single point in time. (Think of it as the balance in your personal checking account.) An income statement summarizes revenue, expenses and net income for the entire year or other period of time.

Both of these financial statements are important tools to measure the success of your business, but do little to tell you where the cash actually went.

Learn more about how cash truly moves through your business, how to prepare a cash flow budget and identify ways to put your working capital to work and increase shareholder value.


  • Net Income, Tax Income and Cash Flow
  • Tools to Manage Cash Flow
Cash Flow Financial Statement – What Is It?
  • Compare Income Financial Statements to Operating Cash Flow
  • Investing Cash Flows
  • Financing Cash Flows
Cash Flow Budget – How to Prepare
  • Gathering Historical Data
  • Key Indicator Ratios
  • Case Study – Applying Concepts
How to Use Cash Flow Budget for Improved Results
  • Importance of Timing
  • Managing Working Capital
  • Managing Fixed Assets
  • Managing Sources and Uses of Financing
  • Improving Operating Results
About The Presenter

Theran J. Welsh, CPA
  • Principal with SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C. and leads the Construction Services Group
  • Certified public accountant advising construction clients to help them better understand their cost structure, with a specific focus on improving profitability
  • Assists clients in developing cash flow projections, analyzing overhead recovery methods, recommending tax structure, identifying areas of tax exposure, and determining specific opportunities for tax savings
  • Past president of the associate members of Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin and a frequent writer on industry issues for local and national industry publications
  • Graduate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Reading and Understanding Cash Flow Analysis
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