Properly Managing Customer-Provided Exempt Certificates

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About This Course:
Many corporations are audited by states and must pay penalties due to lack of proper forms on file to support sales tax exempt invoices. These penalties are the result of deficiencies in the collect, review and maintenance of the sales tax exemption certificates.

This webinar will help company employees redefine internal processes to reduce future penalties and risk under audit. We will review some of the basic forms and what makes those forms acceptable and what key flags an auditor may be looking for on these forms.

We will discuss some of the commonly encountered issues, such as drop shipments and retail point of sale collection. Finally, we will present a review of the current and future legislation that is being written to improve the State's collection of sales tax.


Defining Exempt Sales
  • Location Based Exemptions
  • Product Based Exemptions
  • Customer Based Exemptions
  • Basic Forms You Will Encounter
Staying in Compliance
  • Validating Your Documents
  • Tracking for Expirations
  • Drop Shipment Issues
The Audit Process
  • What Will Be Reviewed- Sales and Use Tax
  • Why Forms May Be Reject
  • How Do You Protest a Claim
Future Concerns
Properly Managing Customer-Provided Exempt Certificates
Available on CD format
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