Payroll Tax Update

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About This Course:
You will learn the complex rules governing the taxability of fringe benefits. Since the rules vary for each benefit, you will be able to master the taxability of each of your organizations' benefits.

We will teach you how to calculate overtime - it's not always time and one half.

You'll become familiar with the elements that must be included in your overtime calculations such as commissions and bonuses. Working time will also be addressed since most employers do not account for their nonexempt employees' hours correctly.

This webinar discusses the weaknesses of time sheets and offers alternative internal controls. Last, you will no longer waste time on the W-4 after learning the secrets to monitoring this pesky payroll requirement.


Taxability of Fringe Benefits
  • Which Benefits Are Taxable
  • How Do You Calculate Their Value
  • Where Do You Report Them and When
  • De Minimis Fringe Benefits
  • How to Calculate It
  • When Is It Required
  • Special Situations
  • Bonuses, Commissions
Working Time
  • When Are Employees Working
  • On Call Time
  • Waiting Time
  • Walking Time
  • Travel Time
  • Time Sheets vs. Digital Monitoring
Time Consuming Forms
  • W-4
About The Presenter

John R. Morrow
  • Accountant with JR Morrow Consulting. LLC
  • Focuses on payroll taxes, sales and use taxes, and financial statement analysis
  • 22 years of experience in taxation
  • Previously with the Internal Revenue Service, and as manager of taxation in the private sector responsible for corporate income, payroll, and sales and use taxes
  • Fifteen years as a corporate trainer for several national business seminar organizations
  • Conducted over 1,500 seminars in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, focusing on sales and use tax, payroll management, finance and accounting, and business communications
  • M.A. degree, University of Missouri-Kansas City; M.L.A. degree, Baker University; B.A. degree, University of Kansas
Payroll Tax Update
Available on CD format
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