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Labor Law Compliance Training Courses

Need Labor Law Training?

Let's face it: keeping up with all of the required labor law training is a daunting task. So if you're looking for Labor Law training courses, then you've come to the right place!labor law training seminar

Labor laws. Not only are there a lot of them, but they are constantly changing!

There's labor laws for everything from hiring to firing - and if you add in the laws for COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, ADA, Workers' Comp, Retirement Plans, Payroll, and more - you'll find you can spend half your time just keeping up to date on all of the labor law requirements!

What Do Labor Relations Laws Do, And Why Do We Need Labor Law Compliance Training?

Labor law governs the rights and duties between employers and workers. Many of the governing labor relations laws are designed to keep workers safe and ensure they are treated fairly, although laws also protect employers' interests.

Listed below are just a few of the federal labor laws. Where appropriate, we have included recommended training courses to help with your labor law compliance requirements for the respective labor relations laws.

Find Labor Law Compliance Training Seminars And Webinars, Or Earn A Certificate In Labor Law Compliance

HRTrainingCenter offers a variety of labor law compliance training courses, including online and self-study labor law training courses, a variety of labor law training seminars, and even a Certificate Program In Labor Law!

And remember, training or a certificate in labor law will greatly enhance your value to your organization - and maybe even get you a raise!

Recommended Labor Law Training, Labor Law Seminars, And Labor Law Certification Programs

To find your required labor law training courses, seminars, and Certification courses now, either choose a Recommended Program listed below or select "Labor & Employment Law" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.
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What Is The Purpose Of Labor Laws

In the United States, labor laws cover hiring, firing, paying, privacy, safety, wages, retirement, harassment, discrimination, and more.

Generally speaking, the purpose of labor laws is to provide a safe and equitable workforce for all workers.

Labor Law Compliance Issues

Labor law compliance is a major responsibility for HR team members as not only do they want to do the job correctly, but can get both themselves and their organization fined if done incorrectly.

Consider: have you been trained propertly on how to handle HR labor law compliance issues such as:
  • Handling Reasonable Accommodation requests (under the ADA)
  • Providing Intermittent Leave (under the FMLA)
  • Properly notifying covered employees of the COBRA timeling for election and payment of COBRA continuation coverage
Unfortunately, many HR team members are trained by the outgoing person, who in turn was trained by the previous outgoing person. The implication here is that you want to get professional training, not word-of-mouth.

Labor laws and regulations obviously play a huge role in the duties of HR professionals who must not only be familiar with the rules and regulations, but fully comply with labor laws such as the FLSA, ADA, FMLA, COBRA, payroll, Workers' Compensation, Title VI, OSHA, and many others.

Yes, HR employment law compliance is complicated. Luckily, the HR Training Center offers training on pretty much every HR-related labor law. To find your desired training, simply use the search box above.

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