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IRA Beneficiaries and Distributions

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Whether you are an IRA “rookie” or an IRA “pro”, you know that helpless feeling we get when an IRA accountholder asks us anything above the most basic IRA question.

If you are searching for a Webinar where you will achieve that higher “comfort level” on these complicated topics, this seminar is “must-attend”.What You'll Learn:IRA Beneficiaries
  • Basic difference between primary and contingent beneficiaries
  • Naming an estate or trust as a beneficiary
IRA Distributions
  • IRS penalty exceptions prior to age 59½ and the proper IRS coding
  • Required Annual Notifications for RMDs and Withholding
  • The NINE red flags of beneficiary payouts – including reporting pitfalls
  • Extensive discussion of beneficiary payout options – including spouse, nonspouse, estate and trust
  • Setting up the Inherited IRA and documentation requirements
IRA Beneficiaries and Distributions
Available on CD or On-Demand formats
Course Details
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