Investigating and Responding to Discrimination Charges

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Day 1: 8am to 5pm
Day 2: 8am to 1pm

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This one- and one-half day seminar is designed primarily for employer representatives who have direct responsibility for investigating and responding to discrimination charges filed with federal and state EEO agencies.

The seminar focuses on techniques and strategies for dealing with discrimination charges, from the moment an employer receives notice that a charge has been filed with an EEO agency, through the final resolution or referral of the case to litigation. The seminar also includes a special segment on the use of mediation in resolving both formal and informal charges.

Using lectures, discussion problems, and role-playing exercises, the course is intended to increase the skills of employer representatives at each stage of the EEO charge process.

The seminar also offers up-to-date information on enforcement agency procedures, including a full description of EEOC's charge handling procedures. The agenda for the session includes the following topics:

  • Overview of charge processing procedures
  • Current agency policies
  • What to do when a charge is filed
  • Assessment of the charge
  • Time-filing requirements and deferral procedures;
  • Employer's internal investigation
  • Effective interviewing techniques
  • Developing the employer's response
  • The fight or settle decision
  • Preparing written position statements and responses to requests for information
  • Preparing for an EEOC on-site investigation
  • Approaching settlement and conciliation
  • Predetermination settlements
  • Failure of conciliation
  • The mediation option
Investigating and Responding to Discrimination Charges
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