Improve Your Tax Writing Skills

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About This Course:
Tax professionals conduct research and perform sophisticated analysis of tax issues. The results of this research and analysis are communicated in some type of written document: a client letter, a tax memorandum, or a formal communication to a tax authority (such as the Internal Revenue Service).

However, many tax professionals do not write effectively; and, this inability to write well may diminish the perceived value of their research and analysis.

The good news is that "good writing" is not innate, but is a learned skill.

A key objective of this webinar is to demystify the writing process for tax professionals. In this session, you will examine how to incorporate the results of your tax research into a standard tax memorandum. We will explore how to modify the content of the tax memo into a letter to your client.

The content will also include tips and tricks to polish your writing. This course is designed to address practical writing concerns of the tax professional.


Building the Case: Why Tax Professionals Need to Write Effectively
  • Communicating Your Results
  • Good Writing" Is "Good Thinking"
  • Increasing the Value ($$$) of Your Work
Writing the Standard Tax Memorandum
  • Facts-the Foundation of Your Memo
  • Issues-the Focus of Your Research
  • Analysis-Documenting the Logic in Your Recommendation
  • Conclusion-Recommendation, Risks and Alternatives
Writing the Client Letter and Other Tax Communication
  • Know Your Audience
  • You Recommend, but the Client Decides
  • Essentials of the Client Letter
Polishing Your Writing
  • Grammar
  • Construction
  • Vocabulary
  • Proofreading
About The Presenter

Diane Orlich Kuhlmann, Ph.D.
  • Assistant director Master of Taxation program and instructor, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
  • Teaches undergraduate and graduate tax courses, including introductory business entity taxation, comparative tax systems, and tax writing skills
  • Past director of tax education at RSM, where she developed a writing program for tax professionals
  • Ph.D., M.B.A. and M.B.T. (Master of Business Taxation) degrees, University of Minnesota
Improve Your Tax Writing Skills
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