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HR Compliance Training Courses

Need HR Compliance Training?

Laws, and rules, and regs, oh my! From FMLA to ADA to EEO to about 100 other HR compliance requirements, the HR Department must know - and comply with - a boatload of HR laws, rules, and regulations.

What Is HR Compliance?

Generally speaking, HR compliance is an organization's human resources policies and procedures that help it comply with state and federal laws and regulations in order to avoid penalties, fees, or legal action.

Typically, HR compliance for most organizations means correctly administering COBRA, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), OSHA, Equal Opportunity, Military leave, and Payroll-related well as anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, age and job discrimination, and other laws.

In addition to knowing these laws, correct HR compliance means organizations must have policies and procedures in place, and that there policies and procedures must be communicated to the organization's employees.

So…how do you keep up with your HR compliance requirements for FMLA, ADA, wage and hour, I-9s, payroll, OSHA, and more - at both the state and federal level - plus make sure you know about best HR compliance practices and processes for things like writing job descriptions and employee handbooks, COBRA, handling FMLA and ADA leaves, and the like – all things that often turn into lawsuits? You need a resource, and should be it.

Common HR Compliance Issues And Responsibilities

Managing your HR compliance generally includes being responsible for:fmla training & certification program

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HR Training Center provides HR compliance training for COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, ADA, Payroll, Retirement Plans, Cafeteria Plans, OSHA, and other federally-mandated compliance requirements, as well as HR compliance training for compensation, performance management, onboarding, time management, and virtually all HR required skills.

While a few of our best-sellers are listed below, you can see the full course listing be using the search box at the bottom of this page, or find your HR compliance training courses by using the links below.

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What Does An HR Compliance Manager Do?

An HR Compliance Manager is a professional that keeps the legal and ethical integrity of a company intact through policy planning, communication, administration, and enforcement through all levels of the organization.

It is the HR Compliance Manager's job to advise, strategize, and implement policies and procedures to meet state and federal compliance requirements.

While the role of the HR Compliance Manager can be filled by a senior executive, for most organizations the majority of the actual work is done by an HR Compliance Specialist, aka an HR Generalist or an HR Specialist. For example, the HR Generalist or HR Specialist might handle the day-to-day FMLA, ADA, and COBRA administration, but report to a more-senior person who is responsible for both reviewing/approving their work and communicating and setting policies at an executive level.

How Do You Ensure HR Compliance?

While ensuring proper HR compliance seems simple, the actual state and federal rules are often complex and overlapping (especially if you have employees in more than one state), so once you understand the rules, the key is how to communicate them to your workforce.

That said, here are a couple of suggestions for communicating your organization's policies:
  • Have written rules, such as an Employee Handbook
  • Tell (train) your employees about your rules
  • Track compliance
  • Investigate and penalize rule breakers
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