Excel Training: Using Tables

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About This Course:
In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA goes deep into the Table feature, which offers numerous opportunities to vastly improve the integrity of your spreadsheets, as well as reduce maintenance involved with your spreadsheets.

The Table feature simplifies filtering lists of data, eliminates the need to freeze worksheet panes, and allows you to update formulas in an entire column by changing a single worksheet cell.

The Table feature can also minimize spreadsheet maintenance, as features such as pivot tables, Sparklines, data validation, and others can automatically include new data added to your lists. This eliminates certain data integrity risks and well as manually monitoring and resizing data source ranges used by these features.

David will teach from primarily from Excel 2010, but will demonstrate new features in Excel 2013 when warranted, as well as disclose any differences in Excel 2007. Coverage of Excel 2003 will be limited to questions raised by the audience.What You'll Learn:
  • Use Excel's Table feature to simplify data analysis
  • Explore common data integrity risks that the Table feature eliminates
  • See how the Table feature allows you to transform filtering tasks
  • Avoid writing repetitive formulas with Excel's Data Table feature
  • Manage lists of data with the Table feature
  • Use tables to filter multiple lists on a single worksheet
  • Dig deeper into the numbers by using the Report Filter command to create break-out tables
  • Understand how to use the Slicers feature in Excel 2013 to streamline analyzing data within tables
  • Determine whether formulas within tables use cell references or field names
  • Use the Table feature in Excel 2007 and later to create charts that expand or contract automatically as your source data changes
  • See how the Table feature can vastly improve the integrity of Pivot Tables in Excel
  • Learn the basics of pivot table creation
  • See how pivot tables differ from worksheet formulas and the importance of the Refresh command
  • Improve the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel's VLOOKUP function
  • Future-proof VLOOKUP by using Excel's Table feature instead of referencing static ranges
  • Minimize ongoing spreadsheet maintenance with Excel's Table feature
  • Learn which features you can't use when one or more tables exist in a workbook, such as Custom Views
  • Use Excel's Custom Views feature to hide and unhide multiple worksheets with ease
Excel Training: Using Tables
Available 12:00 till 1:30pm Eastern or via On-Demand
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