Detecting Errors in Microsoft® Excel® Worksheets

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About This Course:
It is critical that workbooks are internally consistent, with numbers that tie out and data that flows properly throughout. When you prepare workbooks, it is your responsibility. Building a solid error check worksheet requires several Excel® features and functions, including Boolean values, comparison formulas, the logical AND function, and conditional formatting.

When reviewing unfamiliar workbooks, there are several Excel® features and functions that can assist. For example, formula auditing, trace precedents, formula evaluation, view formulas, and the function wizard. Additionally, when comparing two versions of a file, such as the version you have on your network and a version your client has returned with changes, the Excel® 2013 Inquire Add-In is wonderful.

All of these items will be covered in detail during the live webinar, and sample Excel® files are available for download so that you can work along during the session or reference them after the session:

This webinar will utilize GoToWebinar®, an internet active tool which allows the speaker to walk through examples in real time. This will be the best way to follow along with the program and a link will be provided for you prior to the program date.


Auditing an Excel® Workbook
  • Accuracy
  • Internal Consistency
Preparing Workbooks
  • ErrorCk Worksheet
  • Boolean Values
  • Comparison Formulas
  • Overview With Logical AND Function
  • Conditional Formatting
Reviewing Workbooks
  • Compare Files With Excel® 2013's Inquire Add-in
  • Formula Auditing
  • Trace Precedents
  • Formula Evaluation
  • View Formulas
  • Function Wizard
About The Presenter

Jeff Lenning, , CPA, CITP
  • President of Click Consulting, Inc.
  • Wrote, Excel® University: Microsoft® Excel® Training for CPAs and Accounting Professionals
  • Recipient of California CPA’s 2013 Award for Instructor Excellence
  • Excel® articles featured in the Journal of Accountancy and other industry publications
  • Member and instructor for AICPA and CalCPA
Detecting Errors in Microsoft® Excel® Worksheets
Available on CD format
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